…or two.

On Wednesday, I went to a trial (for me) meeting of the Pikes Peak Writers group, “What Literary Agents Want, featuring Literary Agents Sandra Bond and AnitaKushen.” The writer’s group, among other things, holds an annual, 3-day Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Here‘s a link to the 2006 conference to give an idea of what they do. (I linked to 2006 because I recognized more names, including Dan Simmons and Kage Baker.)

I had heard of the conference before, but I kept thinking, “I’m not ready yet.” Well, having survived this round of revisions, I can say, “I’ve written a whole book, one that makes sense, one that’s readable all the way through” and so now am feeling cocky enough to brave plunking down that kind of cash. “I can write it off my taxes,” I tell myself, feeling ever so worldly.

Other upcoming events: November 1st, a funraiser/booksigning at Poor Richard’s, with local authors signing as follows:

Ronald Cree, Desert Blood
Frank Dorchak, Sleepwalkers
Beth Groundwater, A Real Basket Case
Linda LeBlanc, Beyond the Summit
Elizabeth Roberts, Living with IBD & IBS: A Personal Journey of Success
Charlie Rush, One Turn of the Cards
Robert Spiller, The Witch of Agnesi and A Calculated Demise
Sarah Vigil Swiger, The Divine Plan: A Novel of Obsession

And here’s the kicker: The November 3rd workshop will be an all-day, Saturday workshop called, “Scaring your Readers, featuring Tom Piccirilli, Melanie Tem, Steve Rasnic Tem, and Carrie Vaughn.” The workshop will cover the differences in suspense used by horror, suspense, and crime fiction and other suspense-type topics.

I am totally going.