The playlist is getting steadily more solid, if not in order yet. For some reason, I’m not listening to it when I work, but at random other times, at which point I have to fight the urge to go write (because I have to do other things, too). I think I’ll have to weed it down a bit, too.

“Mad World,” Gary Jules/Michael Andrews
“The Kingdom,” Jesca Hoop
“Elephant Gun,” Beirut
“Bizness,” Tune-Yards (with better capitalization)
“Wake Up,” Arcade Fire
“My Favorite Things,” Youn Sun Nah
“Crystalline,” Bjork
“Postcards from Italy,” Beirut
Alice,” by Pogo
“Zombie,” The Cranberries
A piece of music for an AMV that I’m trying to find the name of…
“Toxygene,” The Orb
“From the Air,” Laurie Anderson
“Once in a Lifetime,” Talking Heads
“Mercy Street,” Peter Gabriel
“The Scientist,” Willie Nelson (a commercial! who knew! –Apparently, people who watch TV.)
“Welcome Back Victoria,” Jesus Jones