During the course of a pretty bad month, I managed to finish the rest of the Taltos books out to date.  I ended up with some guesses; don’t read any more if you don’t want to hear anybody else’s thoughts on the matter.

  1. Tiassa: Khaavren will be in there. (Yay!) We will find out that Pel is still around, and, in fact, HAS been around for quite some time, right under our noses.  The Demon?
  2. Pel is behind most of it. I’m not sure why; something’s wrong with him. He probably went to the Jenoine for more power or something.
  3. Laszlo has been around for quite some time, and is an Easterner. Vlad will find out how this works.
  4. Zerika is going to start falling apart, my guess is over the death of Laszlo, at the hands of Verra.
  5. Zerika will break the cycle (somebody will).
  6. Norathar won’t make it. If B. is being particularly ironic, she’ll get sucked into a Great Weapon which Cawti will then bear.
  7. Vlad will, briefly, take the orb, through some twisted logic of being the next Dragon heir, by blood (a lot of unexplained blood swapping happens, you know?). Not sure how he’ll go after that.
  8. I don’t know how the Tekla/Easterner thing is going to work out.  I really don’t.  Vlad is going to do something cataclysmic about it, acting instead of reacting, as it were.  I suspect war against the Jenoine.

No proof, just speculation.  And incomplete speculation, at that.