The Art of Forgetting.

Ever say a word over and over until it didn’t make sense anymore? I was doing just that today with a character name when I suddenly wondered what exactly happens to your brain when you do that. Do you unhook synapses or something? Do you make it so all references to that word only relate back to itself, instead of to what the word means? I wonder whether you could force yourself to erase a memory that way, or at least how frequently you remember it. Hm…




  1. armchair sailor

    I tried to forget someone that way. It didn’t work for me. Let me know if it works for you.

  2. DeAnna

    Hm…and I haven’t forgotten the word “pizza” either, although it has sounded like a foreign word ever since. But Buddhists do say mantras over and over to help them achieve Nirvana/nothinginess, so maybe I just didn’t say it the 99 million times required to completely wipe it out of my memory.

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