The Hitler vs. Coulter Quiz.

Now, while I do not back liberals wholesale (liberal doesn’t have a dang thing to do with compassionate), I am always quick to despise current conservative leadership. Maybe it’s a knee-jerk reaction, but there you go. That having been said, I had fun amusing myself with the Hitler vs. Coulter Quiz.

I got 9 out of 14 correct. Go me!


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  1. 13 of 14 when I took it Friday.

    The trick was to treat any of the items with big or precise words and click Hitler. I am sure that that says something about both of them but I am not sure what. ;P

    Also, I find it completly hilarious that she is being tolerated and given excuses by the right….oh yeah….my bad…she saying what they are already thinking.

  2. Yeah, well, people need their bread and circuses. She’s just chosen to be one of the conservatives’ clowns.

  3. I suppose it’s not a violation of Godwin’s Law when you are actually making a serious comparison of someone to Hitler.

    Coulter is … “clown” is to mild a word about it, unless you mean one of those really scary nightmare clowns who comes with the knife in the middle of the night and cuts out your tongue. She has reached the class of knee-jerk opposition … if Ann Coulter says something, it already has 2.99 strikes against it in my book, with a short timer on the last 0.001.

  4. Of course, there’s kottke’s comment:

    And the best strategy against trolls? Ignore them. If I see one more blog post, newspaper column, or debate on TV attempting to refute this woman’s claims, I’m going to scream. Claims? What claims? She wrote that book to piss you off and get you to respond, thereby legitimizing her ramblings. That smile of hers? That’s her celebrating a victory that you handed her without any effort. YOU’RE SMARTER THAN THAT…KNOCK IT OFF!

    It’s a tough call. Yes, fighting with trolls is a mook’s game. On the other hand, allowing some things to pass in silence is outrageous. Hrm.

  5. Jeez, Dave. I don’t think I’ve seen as strong a reaction from you in a long time 🙂

    “Nonviolent action is directed at eliminating evil, not destroying an evil-doer” — Martin Luther King, Jr. One of the “Six Principles of Nonviolence.”

    I can’t really see her as anything but ridiculous. She blows conservativism so far out of proportion that she’s doing as much damage as Bush is to the cause. Maybe that’s foolish, but there you go. Not to be feared (or ignored), just patted on the head and told, “That’s nice, dear. Now eat your peas.”

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