We have arrived in Texas for the service conference. Those of you in Storyball, yes, I have my story done (sort of? I need to look up people’s names and make sure they haven’t been killed off yet), I just need to type it up and post it.


  • Much greener than Colorado. Think Iowa green, or Missouri green.
  • Decorative themes are rocks, leather with brass studs, and dark wood tones. More Old West than the Old West.
  • People are vociferously friendly.
  • Hair is big, Tina Turner big.
  • No, I mean really frikkin’ green.

It was fun watching Lee’s face as he looked out the window. The first plane was some kind of Canadian puddle jumper, which was good, because the big jets just don’t feel like you’ve accomplished as much getting off the damned ground.

They say that everything’s bigger in Texas. Feeling a bit peckish…think I’ll see if they’ll make me a cow.


  • There was evidence of a stuffed longhorn cow inside the resort, that is, we saw it; however, the only cowlike objects to be found were strips of beef for fajitas, which were normal size. Steak? What steak?
  • Texas chili was comparatively bland. Alcohol was plentiful. Coffee (even decaf) was the best mass-produced coffee I’ve ever had.
  • I feel like I am a cow. Our group is so big, we have handlers.
  • Kind of sad the way people flock to resorts in order to reduce the number of choices (i.e., risks) they have to make on vacation.
  • Also kind of sad to see the room service prices. Jack Daniel’s, $100.
  • They hired Huey Lewis and the News to perform last night. Good sax player. Huey Lewis has been kicked by a cow.
  • Oddly, the message I took away from last night wasn’t that I was appreciated but that I am a small, unimportant cog in a very large wheel.
  • I’m having fun anyway.




  1. Boulder Dude

    Woot on the fun!

  2. Lee

    And you wouldn’t believe what they charge for teh pron here, it’s uncivilized. I have however, discovered the joys of our room window that overlooks the swimming pool.

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