Gods of the Supermen.

Some superheroes have religion. Maybe not the same religion you have, but they got it.

(Via Ghost of a Flea.)




  1. Sleeve Consequences

    Elsewhere on this site, the claim is made that Johnny Appleseed, beloved American tall-tale hero, was a “Swedenborgian missionary.” So shatter my idols…

  2. DeAnna

    Heh. Shattered idols are the best kind, unless they have some kind of esthetic value.

  3. Hythian

    I remember reading at some point that Nightcrawler was taking a, of all things, correspondance course to get ordained as a priest.

    Though the depiction of Wolverine as a ‘former atheist’ makes me wonder what exactly he is now?

    And if they are going so far as to dig out independent flash animation (Superpope!) for religious superheroes, does the satanic chicken Diablo and Toothgnip (the goat of Thor) count as religious figures? Both from the http://www.goats.com comic strip?

  4. DeAnna

    And Too Much Coffee Man actually does worship his coffee. Not listed, either.


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