Big Damn Parents.

Lee and I were over at Doyce’s house to set up an RPG based on Firefly with Jackie, Stan, and Dave when it was decided to start drinking the wine. Lee and Jackie, being the bitter, contentious people they are, don’t like anything that doesn’t taste like cough medicine, so they opened a bottle of raspberry/grape confectionery called “Booty Call.”

“What’s it called?”
“‘Booty Call.'”
Slowly, everyone in the room catches on to the fact that Ray is chanting the phrase over and over again. “Booty call, booty call, booty call, booty call…”

Considering the other inappropriate phrases she could have picked up on last night, it could have been worse. Ah, well. One of the big truths of parenting that well-adjusted children can be somewhat embarrassing, and you just have to live with it.



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  1. ***Dave Hill

    It’s actually “Bouteille Call,” from the French “une bouteille” for bottle (prounounced, “boo-tay,” of course.

    The wine (and its charming bottle) can be found here.

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