Death to Ecology! A snippet of fiction.

He’d expected the life flashing before his eyes (it was the moment for it) to be his own. Unfortunately, all he saw was the life of a fundamentalist Vegitarian slug from a small G-type star near the Southern Cross constellation; instead of gaining some kind of insight into his character, all he learned was that it was really important for all Xxhrqts to stamp out the Blastophrasticysts before they overgrew the place. “Death to Ecology!” he shouted, shocking the crying people near his bed, and died.

One shadowy form leaned toward another. “This doesn’t leak,” he said. “Not a word,” she replied.

And then–oblivion. He settled into it like a really hot bubble bath, well stocked with soap, loofas, cocktail olives, truffle pate, humorous novels that he’d meant to read or reread for something over a decade, and little rubber duckies.