Return of the King

I sat next to a little girl (4-5 years old) at the movie. For the first ten minutes, she pet the arm of my fuzzy shirt and told me it was very soft and that she’d gone to ballet lessons today already.

I think her review of the movie would go like this:

  • Gollum is scary.

  • Brothers fighting is sad.

  • Lots of scary stuff happens, and there’s a big spider.

  • But if your daddy holds you in his lap when it’s scary, then it’s okay.

  • You should say “Yay!” when everyone says “Yay!”

  • And clap at the good parts.

  • It’s okay to take a nap.

  • Make sure to tell daddy when it’s time to go pee.

  • There’s a boat at the end but daddy didn’t know what kind.

  • The movie was pretty good.

I didn’t fall asleep or have to go pee, but I pretty much agreed with her.