Like a Virus:

It’s been going around.

Top 5 things wrong in my field of vision right now ::

-calendar page still on November

-paint chips, scratches on the wall

-most of a page of Halloween stickers stuck to my pants

-torn book jacket on the collected works of Rudyard Kipling

-a sippy cup of milk drunk down to the point where you can see the last ounce of milk, but you can’t drink it. Who the @#$% designed these things?

Name four things you wished you had ::

-a good contract to write novels

-magic kisses to make it all better

-more time for s-e-x (i.e., the bebe sleeps earlier?)

-a longer attention span

Name four smells you love ::



-lavender, lavender, lavender! esp. on boys.

-garlic sauteed in butter, as a prelude to other items also sizzling away

Name four things you are thinking about:

-how am I going to mail that @#$^ing book?

-does that string theory thing really mean there’s a yoyo universe, or did I read into that wrong?

-novel editing

-lovey-dovey thoughts. sort of.

Name four things you did today ::

-made my daughter laugh

-stood up in front of people to get complimented, and blushed

-started picking apart the novel scenes

-snuggled with Lee

Last thing you ::

• Did :: blew on a party favor so loud it made my ears hurt

• Read :: Big, Little by John Crowly. So gooooood…

• Watched on TV :: The PowerPuff Girls

Who do you want to ::

Kill :: Er?

Hear from :: Mur

Look like :: someone with a better haircut. I hate getting my hair cut.

Be like :: myself, with a purple hat

Last time ::

Last song you heard :: David Bowie, The Wedding Song

Last movie you saw :: Austin Powers

Last movie you saw on the big screen :: The Matrix Revolutions

Last thing you had to drink :: water

Last thing you ate :: tortellini with creamy tomato sauce

Last time you cried :: over a printer at the end of a bad day

Last time you smiled :: just now

Last time you laughed :: just now

Last time you danced :: just now!

Last person you hugged ::Ray

Last thing you said :: Wooo! WooooooOOOOoooooo!

Last person you talked to online :: er, don’t

Last thing you smelled ::baby shampoo

Last car ride ::home again, home again, jiggety jig!

Last CD played :: David Bowie, Black Tie White Noise

Last item bought :: chocolate covered cherries with clear filling

Albums playing on the regular right now ::

Bjork, Homogenic

Cool World soundtrack

Until the End of the World soundtrack

Disturbed, Believe

Static X, Shadow Zone

NIN, Fragile