Book Reviews. Summer of the Dragon, Elizabeth Peters, Monstrous Regiment, Terry Pratchett

Elizabeth Peters is a mystery writer. She writes “perfect” novels–beginning, middle, end, all items neatly resolved at the end of the last page. The world extends just as far as the front and back covers.

So, as far as it went, Summer of the Dragon was good. Perfection isn’t bad.

Oy, give me Agatha Christie, who tucks in little things that you may or may not notice, let alone figure out. Give me Sherlock Holmes. Even give me Janet Evanovich, almost as perfect, but not quite.

Maybe I was just annoyed because the main character’s first name was Deanna, and she hated it so much she went by DJ. Thbbbbt.

After I put down Monstrous Regiment, I didn’t care for it. I’d though it was about one thing (sexism), and the ending seemed cheesy because of it. Then I though about it. It isn’t about sexism; it’s about doing what you’re going to do. Sexism was just a vehicle for it. I’m rereading it, and I like it much, much better now.

Knowing the ending makes each line echo. Bittersweet.

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