Must have said something amiss.

From “Bob Marley” :

[The following concludes an email of 250 words or so.]

“For the most part, I’m usually against this sort of thing, going with a

“well, whatever suits you” approach, but for some reason your utter crap has

rubbed me the wrong way and I just had to share my dissatisfaction of you,

with you. I don’t suppose that any of this really matters, though, since

I’ll never be reading any of this shit you post again, but maybe you’ll do

others a favor and stop writing altogether. I know you would have saved me a

lot of time if you had never started at all.”

He also states that the stuff of mine he’s read is annoying, seemingly “tripe-ish” and that I insist that “whatever you say must simply be so, just becuase *you* say it is.”

Admittedly, I’m a pompous ass at times, both in person and on paper, but I wonder what it was that made him bother with writing to me at all if he didn’t care for it. Or spending any amount of time reading anything I’d written, for that matter!


Since this guy won’t be reading anything I have to post, I’ll just leave a comment for future reference: specific examples of my tripe, shit, crap, etc., are requested. This is called “constructive criticism,” although it isn’t necessary to give suggestions for improvement.


Aha. I’ve figured out the professional way to handle this unless you’re Harlan Ellison:

“Your comments have been received and noted. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy what you read. Better luck next time.” If you’re Harlan Ellison, people will pay you to rip into the guy, so have fun.