No news is good news, right?

Sorry. I haven’t been gone, just…well. You know.

I’m finally feeling better about Jonathan. I still tear up whenever I let my self think about him, but I’m balancing out the feeling that the world has changed into something I don’t like anymore. I don’t sit and dwell.

I finally said to myself, “Only you can have a crappy day.”

So. Enjoy the people I love, keep on writing, let go of the suffering. I went so far as to read a Zen book called Sweeping Changes. About sweeping. It helped.

I’ve been writing love-notes to Lee and playing with Ray in the park, and spending less time worrying about all the things I don’t get done.

Novel: page 330. Lee’s birthday: was September first. Spring cleaning: finally complete. Calandars: Still on August. Tomorrow’s the 911 anniversary. I made chicken salad for the first time today. I made it deviled-style, because the chicken had been grilled, and I didn’t want to overwhelm a delicate mayonnaise with char.



Good Dijon Mustard (Don’t get me started about mustard. I get embarrassed about it long after I should have shut up.)

Cayenne pepper

Salt and freshly ground pepper

Worchestershire sauce

Serve on rye with slices of red onion and sharp cheddar.


I also got a fondue cookbook, since Lee bought a fondue pot. Hmmm de hmmmmmmmmmmmm, hm hmmmm de hmmmmm. First, you have to pick a recipe.

Crap, man.