Project. The thing that’s sucking up my brain power this week is a big project for work: voila, give a training session for the QC department on how to give feedback. Coaching.

Step one: What?

Step two: But I suck at coaching. And I know nothing about giving presentations.

Step three: F— learning experiences, man!

I have no idea what I’m doing. Fortunately, I scheduled myself a first draft a week before the thing is due, so I have time to contact one of the corporate trainers that I’ve put together training materials with (aha! you say…you do so have some tiny modicrum of experience. I reply: Big dif between writing procedures training materials and giving a soft-skills presentation. Shaddap, you, I’m looking for empathy here, not deductive logic) and get her to go over them with me.

Small group, all of whom I know reasonably well except the new supervisor, who is the type to ask questions for which she is not ready for the answer (but would be in thirty seconds if she just wouldn’t f—ing interrupt).

Yeah, all of you trainers out there, laugh. Laugh where I can hear you, and you just earned yourself a session with the baby and a dirty diaper.