Buffy. Just a though on something Doyce said the other day…I’m working my way through the fourth season DVDs. He was talking about how the creator, Joss Whedon, wasn’t willing to pull punches, even though it might make people uncomfortable, “make for bad TV.”

Now, I haven’t felt uncomfortable watching any of the fourth season episodes.

For me, the times that were hard to watch were when Buffy was fighting with her mother. The “Ted” episod–the one where her mom falls for this authoritarian guy that turns out to be a psychotic robot–was the most painful episode I’ve ever had to watch.

Watching her mom, I kept thinking, “I never want to do this.”

Watching the Ted episode, I just wanted to leave…

Update: Okay, I take that back. The last half of the Faith episodes gave me the creeps.

I feel more sympathy for Faith as a character than Lee does.