Organization. I took a class for work on time management. The instructor, of course, made a point to point out that we don’t manage time itself.

I decided not to go all quantum on the boy.

Anyway, I’m carrying around a month’s worth of planner, which contains my values in life, weekly goals, daily to-do lists, and a schedule for answering my email at work. And quotes. A quote every day! It’s like a gold mine. This week’s quotes for the newsletter came totally from the planner…not quite in itself a sound investment, but there you go.

I literally feel like there’s more time in the day. Of course, this isn’t such a good thing at work, where I’m looking at the clock, going, “Could this day get any longer?” But at home I feel…busier, but satisfied.

Hm…If only they’d put in that quote about spending long hours doing something you love.

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