Computer. I don’t remember if I mentioned it. Lee bought me a 386 laptop for $20 at this place called the “Book Rack.” –Actually, it sounded like the perfect idea for a business. Used books and computer shit. Throw in an espresso machine and I’m buying stock, OK? And all the computer equipment is guaranteed to work. Anyway. This is the greatest $20 laptop ever, because, among other things, it allowed Lee to save the hard drive off the $50 486 laptop he got me–four?–years ago, and every means of getting info off the thing died.

But the battery loses power.

I checked everything out; working perfectly if slow; took it to a coffee shop to write; powered it up; opened MSWorks; the battery warning beeper beeped.


So I need to get a new battery…but let me just say that the data recovery feature was definitely worth the $20 investment. Already a kick-ass gift.