Road Trip. We’ve all safely returned from the SD road trip. We missed Mike (sorry, Mike!) but caught everyone else.

The family gathering for my side of the family was too big for my tastes; I have a hard time dealing with that many people at once, unless I can ride herd on a basement full of kids somewhere. That’s different. I did have fun with my immediate family and grandparents, but by then I was so sick of driving and dealing with the kind of questions that only a big group of relatives that don’t see you very often can ask, I’m afraid any charm I possess had been sucked dry.

Ray tolerated the ride well but was damn glad to get out of that carseat last night, let me tell you. It got to the point where we were throwing things on the floor just so we could cheer as they hit bottom. I think of the three of us, she had the most fun. Probably because she was the most spoiled 🙂

Funny. None of the things that I didn’t or couldn’t get to before we left did themselves.

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