X-rays. We got a call on Thursday that Ray’s x-rays (for asymmetrical gluteal folds // lopsided butt crack) needed to be retaken. I got to take her in this time on Friday, after work. She cried when the doctor held her still; they asked me if I could possily be pregnant before they put the apron on me (Sexist! Sexist! They didn’t ask Lee if he was pregnant).

Then the doctors called me back to the computer. I panicked. Ok. I didn’t panic, but I was worried. “Look here,” one of them said. I looked. “We have a good shot of her hips,” she said. “But look right here. Do you see that white mass right there? You’re going to want to hurry right home. That’s gas. You have about an hour before it works its way out.”

Sure enough.

Anyway, we have her test results back. Lopsided butt crack, normal hips.