Joke. Via Joe.

An engineer walks up to the gates of heaven, but St. Peter says, “I don’t see you on the guest list, so I can’t let you in.” The engineer shrugs, goes to hell, gets in (of course), and starts rebuilding the place, with air conditioning, etc. God finds out about this and says, “Hey! Satan! What are you doing with an engineer down there? He’s supposed to be up here, working for me!” Satan says, “Too bad, God; he’s mine now. We’ll be attracting all the best techs soon!” And he laughs evilly.

God says, “Well, if you aren’t going to just give him back, I’ll…I’lll…”

Satan says, “You’ll do what?”

God says, “I’ll sue!”

Satan says, “…And where are you getting a lawyer?”

I retroactively dedicate this joke to Mike. If only he were truly blond.