Rrowl. And I still haven’t finished the first chapter of the story. Ok, it’s up to nearly forty pages so far, and I’ve only missed three days since Dec 31. Nevertheless. And I’m going to have to do a rewrite before anybody (even Lee) is begged to read anything.

Once again, I think to myself: who’s going to read this? Answer: well, people I know. I mean, literally the people I know might read it (if they like), but it’s the kind of people that I know that I’m writing for, and, well, they’re weird and don’t fit into genre categories well. There is no Generation X Fiction section at Barnes and Nobles.

But I’m not cutting out the whole Bugs Bunny thing. I don’t care.*

Lee advises me to write whatever makes me happy. If that means short stories…he shrugs. Too bad I’m being possessed by ideas for novels.

*For those of you who know the story, I keep thinking of Joren at the Amber game. That kind of humor–you see what I mean?

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