Car Notes. So after all that with the IA DMV, we’re not getting the car we were looking at. Following a couple of suspicious conversations with the seller and the financer, we decided to call it off.

Sales price: changed from 7900 to 8900 to 7995.

Loan amount: changed from 500 to 7500 to 5795.

Trade-in value: changed for 2K for Beretta to 2K for Beretta and Chevy Truck.

Rates: stink, but there’s our credit for you.

Mo/Pmt: changed from 200-230 to 320 to 335.

Final conversation with salesman: “You have to understand where I’m coming from here.”

No, guy, we don’t. Your numbers keep changing, they never match anything you’ve said on a previous day, and your explanations don’t get any better. You could be bending over backward for us, but unless you can convince us to trust you…fuck off.


Simultaneously, Joe’s car died, so the guys drove down to the carlot on Saturday night, picked up the truck, and left the guy a note.

There you go.