Grey Hill notes. I’m working on plotting. I outlined the novel; now I’m breaking it into chapters. Seems overly analytical, but it also seems to be working. And I think I’m going to send the first chapter to Banshee studios. It seems like kismet–karma–something. The story’s set on Imbolc; I guess you could call it an anti-Valentine’s Day story as I plan it. Next issue of Banshee comes out…what a coinkeydink.

Your trivia of the day, on a related note:

From what I understand (and correct me if I have this wrong), Imbolc is the celebration of the turn of the year, with Brigid (poet and blacksmith) the celebrated aspect of the Goddess. Creativity, renewal, conception, blessing of the tools of the year, and reawakening are some of the themes. Catholics may recognize Imbolc as Candlemas–you know, the time that the priest gets everyone to line up and holds a pair of white candles at your throat to bless you.

The part that cracks me up is that besides Valentines Day and Candlemas, the other holiday that Imbolc covers and embraces is…

Groundhog’s Day.

I tell you, Bill Murry is part of a conspiracy. I don’t know why. It just delights me every time I think about it. I guess it’s just that I’ve been reading these dead-serious rituals for Imbolc for weeks now, and…it’s groundhog’s day.