Cheap Thrills.

Anybody that knows the David Allen Coe song…well, they just don’t know unless they know.

My brother-in-law Mike sent us a CD of David Allen Coe songs that you’ll never hear on the radio. Never. And now I know more about David Allen Coe than I need to know. You know, I didn’t think of myself as easily offended until I heard that CD. Guess what?

I knew I’d have problems when I saw the song title Nigger F@#$%^&, but I didn’t really know I’d have problems until I heard the song. Or the one about…screw it. Nevermind.

If you want the sticky details, talk to Mike.

P.S. I talked to someone at work who’d never heard of “You never call me by my name.” Never even heard of it. Weird. Bet she hasn’t heard of the “Going to hire a wino” song either. Mac Davis, I think.

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