Goal of the day: format erotica story “Customer Service” for print. Learn lesson: if you choose to reformat out of standard manuscript format, save it to a different file!

I’m debating whether to submit the story under my own name or a pseudonym.. I don’t think it’s such a big deal for print (and the place I’m submitting to is in Canada), but having unsuspecting memebers of my family (who regularly do websearches for their last names) stumble onto something online might be upsetting. That doesn’t mean that if I get published, I won’t admit it or direct people to the story — I just don’t want my family members to hit it accidentally.


Incidentally, I wonder what impulse it is that makes independently-owned hair-care and pet-care facilities use any many puns as the title list of a video porn shop? I mean, sex and humor is an ovbious mix, but rottweilers and spiral perms?

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