Goal finished, pun included. Wonderful, superlative, inhumanly (and I mean that literally) sexy, and magnificent spouse has not read it yet. Goal for the next 1-2 days: write article for work.

Purchased Sword & Claw by Gene Wolfe yesterday as co-gift to self and spouse.

Gene Wolfe…like Brian Aldiss, he’s one of those writers I read but don’t envy. I can’t envy Gene Wolfe: I’m too impressed. As a writer, I can barely follow what Gene Wolfe is doing, the writerly tricks he’s pulling off. Sometimes he bores me…but then I find out what he’s being doing.

Anyway, The Shadow of the Conquerer, the first book of Shadow & Claw has the most brilliant protagonist of all SF/Fantasy.

I should be so lucky…

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