Clean. Yesterday I cleaned the apartment. The good news is that the apartment is now clean. The bad news is that Lee couldn’t find the set of keys with the housekeys on it, so I had to pop out a screen, get snagged on something, and shatter the glass as I tried to get unstuck. Thin glass. No injuries. I lie. I spent five hours cleaning, including chipping ice out of a freezer that wasn’t defrosting fast enough for my taste. I woke up last night in more pain than I’ve ever felt since I went through labor, my hands swollen and sore enough to make me nearly vomit. Weird. I got up, nursed the baby, woke up Lee somehow, accepted pain meds from him, and went back to bed. It’s hard to hold a pen today, but fine to type.

Turns out when you have a cruisin’ bebe, you have little hanny prints from the base of the wall to waist height. So you end up washing some walls while you’re waiting for the damn freezer.

I had to do it. I’m still pissed off about the way the former roomie chick left the place, still pissed about the glass. Ray found (and nearly ate) a BB yesterday (Lee caught her).

I went to drop off the key today, got all the way down there, checked for any leftover mail, and realized that we still hadn’t found the key. This is De before nap.