Recent Events. We’re moving.

Doyce was in town, and graciously helped us move books. Booooks. Booooooks. The shelves we have are already full, and God help me, I think there’s a used book store across the street.

The house is big, an interesting backyard (terraced, begging for sod but going to get something more…interesting), needs paint inside and out. A room for a library, with a fireplace and a a patio door.


Two days ago, Ray started walking. Three steps, down, up, three steps, walking like a drunk for the rest of the day. Yesterday, seven steps. She doesn’t do it when we’re holding our hands out to her. A trip over to momma and poppa (that was an interesting typo a second ago…nevermind) requires more speed than she can achieve walking. No, it’s that moment when you almost aren’t looking that she does it.


And something from work. A few days ago, I arrived at work a little before 6:30 a.m. to find a red carpet rolled out, a row of management staff with party favors, and a mysterious cheering noise…Eh? In the lobby were doughnuts and coffee (Starbucks…I had a twinge of guilt, but I had two cups anyway. I try to stick with the local coffee places. A) Better. B) More character. C) Not Starbucks)(and good doughnuts, too. I have to find out where they were from: better than Krispy Kreme. My worship of Krispy Kreme is over…but I shan’t dis them, because they once were a true love of mine). And posters. Posters. All over. I noticed it right away, because I remember giggling the first time I saw them, but I wasn’t really conscious of it at first. Yesterday I suspected, but today I’m sure. The “Appreciation Day” posters all carry the logo of a shooting star. Cartoon star, pale yellow halo following it, darker golden halo surrounding/following that, brown halo the same, and finally, around and trailing the whole business, a blue halo. Yellow sparklies surrounding.

Dang things look like jelly dildos.

The perspectively correct base that makes it look something like a wobbly tube doesn’t help.

…Ahhhh haaaaaaahhh. They really appreciate us, don’t they?