Goals: not accomplished. I finished the outline for the work stuff at work; no biggie. But every time I sat down to type out that first draft, Ray decided to do something cute. Ooooh, very cute. Mostly her new thing is to fold her hands together as if she’s praying, and then shake them forward and backward so it looks like she’s really praying. “Oh, Mamma, don’t beat me any more…I promise I’ll stop drooling on your shirt…”

And she was cranky.

Today is Ray’s checkup/shots day. Lee’s coming with us, which is both good and bad. Good: he’ll know where Ray’s doctor is, so if there’s an emergency while I’m not home, he won’t have to waste time. Bad: he’ll have to watch her get her shots. I almost cried last time; I can’t imagine what he’ll do.

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