My brothers are driving out from South Dakota to come visit us. Upon hearing that we were moving, the older of the two said, “Great. This is just a plot to get us to help them move.” When I told my mother, her reaction was, “Do you need stuff? The guys are driving out in the Explorer; they’ll have room.”


Well, they’re big, strong, strapping (if somewhat whiny) young men, and no pianos are involved.

(I spent a couple of hours today packing and sorting. The hall closet (stuff it an’ leave it) is done.)

Dale, my brother-in-law, called a couple of days ago. I don’t know if everybody knows, because it’s a shameful secret, but he’s currenly working for AOL. He has two different possibilities lined up right now, one with a college and I forget what the other one is. He’s had a girlfriend for the last month and a half. He intends to maybe come out to Colorado over Thanksgiving (he hasn’t seen Ray yet). He’s threatening to get in a menage-a-trois with his girlfriend and her best friend, and then send pictures for proof. (As the immortal Doyce said, “I’ll believe it if the story ends, ‘…and then I fell off a balcony.'” Yep. That would be a Dale.)

We haven’t heard anything from Mike in a while. Mike? Mike?

It’s a brotherly time of year, you know.