November 2017

November Wrap-Up

November was a kind of tipping point for me, although what it is exactly that I tipped between, I’m not sure.  It feels like I tipped between “not confident” and “confident” on a personal level, as in, “She is a confident person.”  But where that came from or what it means, I don’t know.  It’s probably […]

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Best Books Read, November

A selection of the best books I read in November, which, admittedly, still isn’t done yet but close enough: Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nahisi Coates.  A series of essays, framed as a letter written to his son, on the poisonous Dream of a white America.  Just amazing. The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan. 

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I was eating a bunch of clementines the other day, and one of them smelled off. Last year, I got a bag of clementines with a number of fruits that were just bad.  Eventually I ditched the whole bag–well, first I shoved it in the fridge and pretended it wasn’t there for a month.  It

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Quick POV Edit to Consider

A quick POV edit: In short, she thought he was lying. In short, he was probably lying. They mean the same thing.  But the first one comes from outside “her” head.  The second one is what “she” is more likely to think.  “He’s probably lying,” she thought.  Versus “I thought he was lying,” she thought. 

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Talk to the Hand

Something I’m exhausted of lately: The kind of drama that comes from people who want more from you than they’re willing to give. Sometimes that drama comes in very polite packages, and it’s only when you step back can you assess what’s not being done or said and strip the message down to its core

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