October 31: TRICK OR TREAT

  The whole collection is live!   Oct 31:  TRICK OR TREAT   It is a thousand years from now.  Whenever now is, it’s a thousand years after that. A cure for mortality has been created—crafted—perfected.  Humanity has moved to the stars.  Why not?  We have literally nothing better to do than to explore the […]

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New Release: October Nights

October Nights: 31 Tales of Hauntings and Halloween Available on Kindle A collection of flash fiction: 31 tales for the 31 nights of October.  As wide a variety of horror as I could come up with–from Barker to Bradbury to Zenna Henderson. SPOOKY SHORT FICTION – PERFECT FOR A HALLOWEEN NIGHT! Thirty-one horror tales of

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October 30: GHOST

  Oct 30: GHOST   “It’s experimental,” Whitcomb said.  “So we’re not sure what’s going to come out of it.  It could be about as interesting as giving a toddler a keyboard.” “You know what they say,” Nicholls joked nervously.  “An infinite number of monkeys typing on an infinite number of typewriters will eventually type

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October 26: VOODOO

Oct 26:  VOODOO   Sam’s kitchen wasn’t one of those photogenic open restaurant kitchens.  Au contraire.  It was stained floor tiles and a gaping grate in the middle of the floor, battered heavy-guage pots hanging from blackened hooks, a walk-in baking oven with yellowed glass, a mixer with a bowl that could hold a couple

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  Oct 25:  TRANSFORMATION   I found it while going through an old newsgroup, looking for a copy of one of the first poems that I ever wrote.  Rec.alt.tentacles, the newsgroup where all the cool kids hung out back in the day.  Everyone pretended to be some sort of extra-dimensional being of godlike status.  I

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