November 2011

Indypub: BookBaby?

Some good questions came up from Paul Hanson:  basically, why don’t I use BookBaby (or something similar, I suppose)? I’m DIY in this area.  I like formatting, editing, messing around with cover art, and general book design things. The expense would kill me (in particular). Bookbaby charges: $99 to start plus $19/year. Free basic ebook formatting …

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Fiction: The Cliff House

New fantasy story inspired by the Garden of the Gods and Colorado Springs’s continuous water issues, now available at, Smashwords, B&N, and OmniLit. The Cliff House by DeAnna Knippling Ardahl loves his land, even though he’s been crippled in its service and trapped in the Cliff House to work the magic that brings water.  But using the magic …

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NaNoWriMo Week 3: Doubt

Some people have better luck with doubt than others. Some people establish rituals to offset doubt:  rituals that become steadily more complex and harsh.  “Oh, I can’t write unless I have my favorite notebook and tea and absolute silence!” Some people freeze.  “I cannot.  I cannot.  I must not.” Some people become giddy. Some people …

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