June 2009

Growing like a weed.

Ray’s getting older. For better or worse, she’s grown away from the sugar sweet innocence of babyhood. She isn’t sour, but she’s tarter – wittier – able to stand just the tiniest bit back from the events happening around her and see them from her own perspective, not just her parents’ or friends’. It’s still …

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Bad Jokes.

So this kid tells his father a bad joke. And his father tells me. And I, admittedly not the best joke teller (or rememberer; I only have two long jokes and two short ones at hand most of the time) in the world, tell my daughter. Here’s the joke: “An actor wants to get a …

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Rachael at Nosh.

I took a floating holiday on Wednesday. That morning, I tried to do edits, but realized I still didn’t have a plan on how exactly to fix something, so I used the morning working that out. I hate rebuilding plans during editing time – it works much better to brainstorm during meetings. But I couldn’t …

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