We played Faery’s Tale from Firefly Games tonight with Ray, her first RPG. Lee GM’d. Game review: Good setting for kids: faeries vs. goblins. The rules were easy enough for Ray to understand (at 7.5 years old). The rules and character creation were not so oversimplified that I was frustrated. There are options for different

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Snow Eve.

So I left work at noon-thirty today, because I’d finished everything except stuff I could work from home. It’s supposed to snow all night tonight, and part of the day tomorrow, and I doubt I’ll be heading in to work before noon tomorrow. Before I left, I put all the food I had at my

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Weekend in Review.

Friday. Worked on a freelance murder mystery expansion pack for Freeform Games. Gave up on it; it felt like pulling teeth, trying to write out character sheets for my ten characters. It seemed like such a good idea, too: motive, method, opportunity; participation in major pre-existing plots; goals; bonuses; loves, hates, knows. Sucked the life

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