May 2008

Writerly Ramble.

Writer’s block is my subconscious’s way of telling me I’m about to screw up in a big way. I can write mediocre stuff, no problem. But if I try to force my characters to move out of character, ZZZT. As soon as I give up on whatever I’d planned, I’m fine. I don’t even have …

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Ian Healy, a writer buddy I met at PPWC, opens the floor for questions. I started to type out a lame question, then suddenly realized the best favor you can do for a writer is ask a question that requires a creative answer. Here’s what I asked: In case of zombie attack, and barring “the …

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Zelazny Novel Found!

A Zelazny novel, The Dead Man’s Brother, was found among his papers and should be published February 2009. Now, I’ve read a lot of stuff that Zelazny wrote that wasn’t much good–pulp gone askew. But I’ve read most of it anyway. (via Gaiman)

Never Go to Work!

They Might Be Giants has three albums of kids’ songs! Here’s “Never Go to Work” and “The Alphabet of Nations.” Which takes me to what is (usually) my favorite TMBG song: Particle Man! Update: Tiny Toons did a version of Istanbul (not Constantinople). Wow. I missed some stuff in between being too old for cartoons …

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