November 2007

Iron Road: Define Crap

The zeppelin was stuffed with parts. “What is all this crap?” she asked Gil. “Parts,” he said. Passing Cochran in the hallway: “What is all this crap?” “Crap,” he said. “F—ing dead weight. I thought you were bad.” “Better watch it,” she said. “That was almost nice.” “F— you,” he hissed and disappeared behind the …

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Writerly Ponder.

Yes, Virginia. Pound your head on the wall hard enough, for long enough, and you will have character development. But not too much at one time; that’s not believable. Update: Damn it, the terracotta warriors weren’t found until 1974, so I can’t use them. AAAAUUUUGGGHH! Semi-historical fiction pinches in strange places.

Gamer Face.

There’s a pirate in the book who just showed up. I asked Lee what the pirate’s beard should look like. “A pencil-thin goatee.” I held up a finger vertically on my chin. “Like this?” “No.” He drew the line around his chin. “Ohh. Like a hexagon. Hey! Our pirate’s going to have gamer face!”