Mmmmm…..chocolate…. Heh. I’ve had this brand of chocolate (Vosges). It was waaaay to expensive. But this, I may actually fork out the $6.00 for, because what have you lived for in life, if you have turned your back on the ability to taste “Mo’s Bacon Bar”? (Via Accidental Hedonist)

Book Review: How to Write a Dirty Story:

Reading, Writing, and Publishing Erotica, by Susie Bright. Susie Bright is one of the, um, seminal writers of erotic* fiction, editor of Herotica (lesbian erotica) and The Best American Erotica series as well as the author of a ton of other books (titles like Mommy’s Little Girl: On Sex, Motherhood, Porn, and Cherry Pie). She’s …

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