(Doyce’s Story) It wasn’t meant to be bad. The kind of people who come up with these kinds of ideas aren’t the kind of people who can mean for them to be used the way they inevitably will be used. Perhaps it’s a kind of protection for the human race: the creators can only be …

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I hate editing. You’re not actually making anything, you’re just fixing your screwups (at least, that’s what my annoyed brain is telling me at the moment). But, in the interest of possibly lessening the suffering of another writer out there… I’m using a spreadsheet tool to help keep track of things (a tab for characters, …

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Talk the Walk.

What’s the “walk score” of your neighborhood? Does it have a lot of parks? coffee shops? bookstores? Our house is a 37, which matches up with what I’ve been saying: I love everything about our house…except the neighborhood, which is kind of boring. (via Biophemera)