Did I forget to mention it? I believe so. The manager of our apartment complex is out!


Possibly tens of thousands of dollars of embezzling. The owners, of course, aren’t going to press charges.

It must have been that last communique. Which one? Oh, the one that said that she was going to start fining people for not keeping their front steps swept, the cobwebs brushed off the underside of their decks, and their apartments clean. That’s right, she was seriously going to walk into people’s apartments and fine them a hundred bucks if it was a pigsty. Hmmm….there have been mysterious fees for leaving mail on the sidewalk. And hundred-dollar-a-day late fees. None of which the owners knew anything about. And she had an “agreement” with a towing company. That she kind of owned. Not a conflict of interest or anything.

And the stories that my neighbor tells about this woman breaking into her apartment to steal narcotics…

It burns me that this bitch isn’t being taken to court. I want all of this on her record.

When we moved in, she sat us down and said, “I don’t care if you use drugs, but if you sell ’em…you’re out!” “If you make too much noise…you’re out! And if you ever beat your wife…you’re out!”

Woo Hoo!