If He Would Tell Me

Is it really allergies or is it something worse?

Did I tell you the story about his thumb? Last year he — I don’t know, he hit his thumb with a hammer, something, and gave himself a blood blister under his right thumbnail. He’s left handed, by the way. Anyway, it started to bother him — he hadn’t gone to the doctor — so he waitned until Mom and the kids were out of the house, shopping for school clothes in Sioux Falls, I think, & drilled a hole in his thumbnail with a power drill.

Of course he did sterilize the bit first.

He’s had a “cold” for over a year now. Is it really allergies or could it be cancer?

I didn’t ask.

Did I mention I spent my teenage years resenting him for things I appreciate now? (The things I didn’t like about my mother, I still don’t like.)

Whatever it is, he’s going to handle it his own damn way. I can respect that.