Reviews. Behind Enemy Lines, The Others.

Behind Enemy Lines.

If I did the stars thing, I’d gve this one three of five. For what it was, Behind Enemy Lines was all right. It ain’t Schindler’s List, but it ain’t Top Gun, either. Owen Wilson stuffs more into his character than I would have imagined. Gene Hackman does his Gene Hackman impression pretty well. The best actors were the Croatians and the Serbian sharpshooter. There are some nice Gladiator-type shots where the speed of the shot varies — but it’s handled much better than it was in Gladiator.

The only thing that bugged me was the (understandable) discontinuity in the running scenes. The guy runs. He survives the scene. The next time you see him, he’s somewhere completely different, and you don’t know how he got there. Like one of those bad dreams where you just can’t run fast enough.

The Others.

Creepola. This is one of those twist-at-the-ending movies I should have seen coming, but didn’t. Sort of. There are three parts to the twist-at-the-ending: Lee got one, I got the other, but the third went OOOOOOOver our heads. I liked it. It reminded me of “Turn of the Screw.”

I never, ever want to watch it again.