In the mail again, just can’t wait to get in the mail again…

“Customer Service” is in the mail again, this time to Hoot Island.

“As usual, everything was wrong when I arrived at work. Bob hadn’t opened the case on that system I told you about on Thursday, let alone replaced the video card. There were six systems on the floor, no documentation; nobody knew anything. Arnold took one look at me, pointed at a system, and said, “This guy’ll be back in ten minutes,” and disappeared for eight hours without another word. Some guy with manure on his jacket–I kid you not–slams his wife’s system on the counter so hard you could hear something bounce inside. When I asked him if he wanted us to back up his data before we looked at it, he said we’d better since the only copy of his farm’s books was on it–as soon as he heard how much it cost, he changed his mind…”

“One Cool Million” is still waiting for a print job. It’s my system that’s down this time.