Reviews: The Man Who Wasn’t There & a Nancy Kress non-fic book.

We watched “The Man Who Wasn’t There” last night. Hmmm….reminds me of a couple of kids who’ve dragged out every toy in the toybox and put about a third of them back. I was waiting (we rented the DVD) for a section in the extra features called “WTF?” Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie…it wasn’t crap by a long shot. I’d probably watch it again.

I’m reading a book by Nancy Kress called Beginnings, Middles, and Endings. Actually, I’ve already read the book once; now I’m going back and working my way through the exercises. I’ve been looking for this book: a very direct, very basic writing book. Not flighty, self-serving, or easy stuff. A good book when…you’re me. I.e., you write tories and you’re not sure why they don’t work as well as you want. I agreed with each individual statement Kress made…but I found myself getting more and more irritable. She was right. I was wrong. Grrrr.