Writerly Ramble: Crossroads.

I’m such a sap.

So, working on Alien Blue, I was at a crossroads. The original plan was to do something interesting and expedient but horrible to one of the secondary characters, but when I came to that point, I couldn’t do it. The other option I saw was gentler and kinder, but didn’t set up what needed to happen in the plot.

What with one thing and another (including working on the synopsis–changing plot as I went–and drastically rewriting the beginning umpteen times), a month passed.

Today, I was working on the section of the synopsis that I was stuck on in the actual story and didn’t even notice that I’d gone through the crossroads, using the gentler option and solving the setup without really even thinking about it. I don’t realize I’m not stuck until two hours later.

Going back and try to figure out how I worked past the crossroads, I think the change came from setting things up differently in the beginning of the story. The emotional setup created by shattering one of the characters now comes from the main character figuring out he’s been an ass, instead. Altogether a better solution.

–And, once again, I read through the events that are about to re-unfold as I rewrite the section, and I tear up.

Me: Sorry, Bill.
Bill: Aw, that’s all right.

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