Writerly Ramble.

I tell you, I am obsessed with the whole “Weird West” idea,* basically, South Dakota ghost stories. I sat down this morning to brainstorm NaNoWriMo ideas for November (since I became vehemently discouraged with the previous idea while reading The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray, by Chris Wooding; it wasn’t the same plot but motivated by the same impulses, I suppose, and so f@#$%^& good some serious reconsidering will have to be done before I write my story–THAC is YA cthulu-level horror set in an infested, Sherlock-era London–recommended with a wail of despair).

After an hour spent listening to “How’s it gonna end” by Tom Waits and “Sister Rosetta” by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, I ended up with a list of story elements like “Rattlesnake,” “Dust devil,” “Morrell’s opens in 1909,” “Electrical Light Plant on Sioux River,” and “Haunted houses,” I ended up with this:

An abused boy, Jacob Foreman, tries to solve the gruesome murder of his friend Marisa, who had always claimed to be a fairy changling, in 1912 Sioux Falls.

I have no idea how this will come out, but I am totally jazzed about it this morning. The writing soundtrack will be all haunted banjo, all the time.

Any ideas for a title?

*Stan–the “Three Brothers” thing is a bunch of short stories, which is too frikkin’ hard to deal with for NaNo. Besides which, I got stuck on Alien Blue this morning again, and I really wanted to brainstorm something new.


The Omnimvore’s Hundred


Margie Gras.


  1. Ian

    Sioux Falls kind of has a nice ring to it. Maybe Jacob of Sioux Falls?

    Best I got right now. LOL

  2. Anonymous

    How about:
    “Wings over Rattlesnake Canyon”

    “Will-o-Wisps of the Old West”

    “The Strange Events of September 21st, 1909”

    -Artillery MKV

    PS: Have you checked out the RPG “Deadland”? That’s all about a Weird West . . ..

  3. DeAnna

    I know about Deadlands, but I don’t think I’m fated to ever be able to play it. I might get to play it once? Oh, game’s cancelled.

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