Word curry should be spicy.

I was making red curry last night.  I always make it too spicy.  But this time, I thought, this will be the time when I don’t make it too spicy.  I don’t get so excited about squishing the red Thai curry paste out of the bag that I have to go, “Oh, well, I’ll eat it anyway” with my tongue and nose on fire.

I restrained myself and only put in about half of what I normally do.  I replaced the other half with peanut butter.

Ugh.  No good.  I eventually doctored it up to edibility, but ugh.

So. If you’re making curry, you’re making @#$%^&* curry.  You’re not making conference food.  I saw someone say that the food at PPWC was too spicy on one dish.  She was ill, literally ill from eating it.  (Tomatoes and capers.)  Later, I heard her say that there was no call to have anything graphic in book.  No call whatsoever.

Well, her tastes.  She probably doesn’t read erotica or anything too violent.  She’s the one who has to live with her stomach, after all.

But for those of us who like curry, well, if you’re going to make curry, make the @#$%^&* curry.  It’s no good when you try to let it be just a little bland.  It’s better with the fire and the tears, anyway.


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  1. Now I have to go get thai food. Thanks DeAnna.

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