Updated cover updates of doom!

Thank you for the excellent comments.  Updates…still need to get the non-swirly version; I may be getting a new wolf silhouette from my friend Asia’s Dark Moon Farm & Kennels…she has a husky who likes to sing, she says 🙂



The Distance of Fantasy


Massive holiday writerly giveaway.

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  1. Another significant improvement.

    Better colors (from a “boy” perspective, at least).

    Better placement of “THE” in the header.

    I would consider reducing the font size on your name. Right now it’s competing with and cluttering the illustration part of the book. While it’s nice that it goes roughtly from margin to margin, it makes for one too many BIG SERIFED FONT STUFF to easily skim.

    (Alternately, if you flattened the author name — reduced the X-height — it would take less space, stay thematically associated, and still be as wide.)

    I like that the wolf’s tail overlaps the frame (still); gives it all some depth.

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