Ray and I invented a game today on the way to Jackie’s housewarming party. It’s “how would character X say, ‘I am Mojo Jojo’?”

For example, Bubbles would say, “Hi! My name is Mojo Jojo!!! Do you want to play???”
And Buttercup would say, “Hey! I’m Mojo Jojo. You got a problem with that?”

But some characters will not, under any circumstances, admit to being Mojo Jojo.

Shrek would say, “Shyaa. I’m not Mojo Jojo.”
While Cinderalla would say, “Oh [giggle], I’m not Mojo Jojo. I’m just plain old Cinderella.”

Dave’s Yoda: “Mojo Jojo I am.” And he switched the game around so Mojo Jojo played the role of Vader. I forget how he did it, mostly because I was laughing so hard.

The other game is to take any common quote or phrase and replace some of the words with peep.*

  • May the peep be with you.
  • Do you feel lucky today, peep? Huh? Do ya peep?
  • Ours is not to question why, ours is but to peep and die.

Again, I can’t remember the hundredth part of those silly things. But it’s a great game. The party was great, one of those things you can’t really relate but through silly grins.

*There is also peep-jousting, which is sticking toothpicks in two peeps, putting them on a paper plate, and then microwaving them. The peeps expand until one of the peeps pokes the other and deflates it. We didn’t get that far, though.